Prepare Your Home for Sale with These Spring Cleaning Tips

Are you about to put your home on the market? Do you want to be sure that it looks appealing to potential buyers? If so, then you need to present a clean and organized property for them to view. Even if you have an amazing piece of land with a breathtaking home design, filth and clutter will obscure the view and opinion of buyers, so take action to give yourself the best shot at selling fast!

Start your preparations by going through the entire home and getting rid of unwanted items. Throw away garbage, have a garage sale and give unused things to charity if they are in good condition. Begin with your attic, work down to the basement and then go through the garage, shed and yard.

This process will create a more spacious look when potential buyers walk through. An added bonus is that removing clutter will it easier for you to pack and settle into your new place once you move.
After decluttering, it’s time for a deep clean. Begin with the room most home buyers check first, the kitchen. Pull out the appliances to clean them and the area behind and around them thoroughly. Scrub the walls and baseboards to remove any traces of lurking grime. When cleaning the floor, make certain to remove any cleanser residue that can make the floor look dirty.

The cabinets need to be emptied and thoroughly cleaned as well. Make sure you remember those that are out of reach or that you do not use. It would be a disaster if someone opened a cabinet only to discover mold or dust from the 1990s!
If necessary, make some touch up painting part of your deep clean. Cover up walls that have stains or fading with a fresh coat of paint, and consider repainting your cabinets if they’re very old and in need of an update. This is a simple do it yourself project, or hire a professional to give your home a truly manicured look.

Once you are satisfied with the kitchen, move on to the bathrooms. Perform the same rigorous cleaning that you did in the kitchen, making sure to get behind the toilet and the nooks and crannies in the cabinets. Scrub the tub, sinks and shower. You can keep a squeegee in the shower to quickly wipe down the walls after showering to keep them looking fresh once you have the room clean.